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All 3 people equally know the importance of a Pap Smear, do you?

What is #SmearForSmear?

#SmearForSmear allows you to remind people of the importance of Smear (Pap) tests by sharing your lipstick smear selfie and nominating your friends to do the same.

Together, we can help prevent HPV related cervical cancer!

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Put your lipstick on Smear your lipstick and take your #SmearForSmear ‘selfie’ Make any size of donation by clicking here:

Every dollar helps!
Share your selfie on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook.
Use this phrase: 

Prevent cervical cancer w/ @HPV_VPH. Get your Pap smear. #SmearForSmear I nominate @(insert friend’s name)

Cervical cancer is the 3RD MOST COMMON female cancer in women aged 15 to 44 years in Canada

Every year, almost 400,000 CANADIAN WOMEN receive a call that their Pap test result is abnormal

About 1,408 NEW CERVICAL CANCER CASES are diagnosed annually in Canada (approximately 4 per day)


HPV can be PREVENTED and DETECTED before turning into a full-blown cancer!
Cervical cancer is the cancer that can be best prevented by screening!

Help us spread awareness about cervical cancer screening, saving lives everywhere. 500,000 cases per year in the world is way too much for a screenable disease

"Cervical Cancer can be prevented by Pap smears

because it quickly detects abnormal and precancerous

cells. There are not many cancers that are so easily

preventable, so why go without? Remember, a Pap

smear is a lot less painful than chemotherapy."

"Women everywhere take care of yourselves, take

responsibility of your own health!"

     - Says Marilou Gougeon, Cervical cancer patient
Read her story here

Cervical cancer survivor Brigitte Leclerc shares,

“The hardest thing I ever had to do is tell my two

teenagers I had cervical cancer. If I hadn’t gone to my

doctor and got my routine pap smear for sure I would

not be here today. If you don’t hear about it, and no

one puts the message out there about it, it could

happen to you”

Read her story here

“Putting lipstick on me was a joke, but not

going for a cervical cancer screening is no

laughing matter, it may make the

difference between a curable disease and


    - insists Dr. Marc Steben, Medical Director of Clinique A

#SmearForSmear is a campaign developed by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, the UK’s only dedicated charity supporting those affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities;


HPV Awareness, founded in 2002, the only bilingual Registered Charity in Canada providing education programs in every demographic about the human papillomavirus (HPV) in the context of healthy relationships, informing people of all ages of HPV and cervical cancer screening. Your donation will be used to develop educational tools for youth, it will also provide financial relief to Canadian families of women fighting cervical cancer, and will contribute to helping medical students in developing countries starting in Grenada, so that they can spread awareness by promoting and providing cervical cancer screening, visit IMFSA-Grenada

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Your #SmearForSmear